The Quest of the 7 Keys

In the year 780 B.C the great King Charlemagne rules over all the fantastic small villages living in harmony. The shadow of an invasion hangs over his kingdom. Legions of orcs are at the gates of Andorra determined to destroy and plunder everything in their path. The threat is really important and the king knows that he will not to be able to be victorious with his military forces alone. So Charlemagne decides to call upon to the magical power of the cabinet of seven keys, that holds the secret of a spell that will allow him to stop the orc attack.

You are the hero chosen by Charlemagne to go and retrive the 7 keys and use the magical power stored in the cabinet to save Andorra.

Go on an adventure, face the challenges and unleash the magical power to defeat enemies and bring peace back to Andorra.

Useful information

Teams of 2 to 5 players

Children from 5 years old accompanied by an adult


The tour of the game lasts about 2 hours.


€ 30 for 2 players

€ 12 per additional player

Deposit for the rental of the digital tablet.

Enter into scripted adventure game, where you are the hero. You will discover the world around you from a fun angle and in the middle of nature.